WP5: Cross-border database platform for risk and emergency management


The objective of this WP is to develop a geo-referenced web-based platform (WBP) containing data related to the cross-border strategic services (health facilities, emergency services, educational facilities, amongst other) and critical transportation infrastructure. In specific, the different cross-border regional databases will be merged into a single tool, featuring a characterization of every relevant asset with risk parameters, to be able to rapidly provide risk information on those exposed elements model that can be used to predict scenario-based losses and disruption of critical functions. Moreover, the key advantage of this tool will be the ability to provide, during an emergency, efficient and timely estimation of alternative routes to the nearest available safe facilities, necessary to manage the emergency. These features will be particularly relevant to assist the preparedness and readiness of disaster and emergency management authorities.
The WBP will contain four major modules 1) identification of the cross-border basic services and transport infrastructure that are more prone to damage; 2) cross-border hazard data; 3) risk maps and scenario-based indicators; 4) tagging of the different exposed assets, in terms of impact on the overall functionality of the regional cross-border portfolio. The results obtained with the WBP will be processed in a user-friendly manner, using the most up-to-date web programming frameworks and technologies.