WP3: Needs assessment, bottleneck analyses and review of EU and regional legislative and research related to risk assessment and disaster management


An important issue that is tackled by this work package is the extensive state-of-art and review of the existing documents, both at European and regional levels, related to emergency and disaster risk management. The advantages and disadvantages of all available procedures and guidelines will be evaluated in order to detect the existing gaps and bottlenecks. The assembled information will enable a better understanding of the institutional and legislative context of emergency management in cross-border countries and provide consistent solutions, integrated into one collaborative approach to cross-border disaster risk assessment and management. At the same time, the requirements of the emergency and disaster management authorities, as one of the beneficiaries from the project will also be identified.
The main objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Stakeholders (emergency and disaster management authorities and other beneficiaries) need assessment to recognize
    their problems, needs, and expectations, emphasizing the cross-border dimensions of risk and the importance of sharing
    knowledge and cross-border cooperation.
  • Review of the existing documents to understand current legislation, awareness, capacity and institutional mechanisms
    towards cross-border risk assessment.
  • Identification of existing gaps and bottlenecks as well as good practices with special focus on their implementation
    into one collaborative upgraded approach.