WP2: Cross-border multi hazard assessment


This work package aims to identify the most damaging natural and human-induced hazards, relevant to the crossborder region, influencing the functioning of basic services (health facilities, emergency services, educational facilities, etc.) as well as transport infrastructure, and define their frequency and severity, with special focus on seismic and geotechnical hazards. The chosen cross-border region historically is very well known as a territory characterized by high seismic hazard and ground instability potential. For that purpose, harmonized cross border seismic and landslide hazard assessment is of outstanding importance for reliable risk assessment. To achieve its objective, this work package includes identification of all relevant natural and human-induced hazards in the cross-border region; seismic hazard cross-border harmonization and mapping; landslide hazard cross-border harmonization and mapping; and definition of seismic input for risk assessment.